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PicoBricks and Education

by Robotistan Shopify 17 Aug 2023

Electronic programming has become an increasingly important skill in today's world. There are many tools and resources available to teachers and students for teaching fundamental concepts of electronics and coding. In this article, we will discuss PicoBricks, a board designed to provide students with basic electronic programming education. PicoBricks are a type of mini Lego blocks designed for building robotic projects. These blocks are presented with joints and connectors like other Lego-style blocks and allow users to bring their robotic ideas to life. Additionally, wireless coding can be easily done without breaking the block it is attached to, offering easy learning opportunities for someone new to robotic coding. If you are a Maker, you can customize your robotic project by breaking the blocks that PicoBricks are attached to. When the blocks are broken, they allow for producing 25 or more different projects thanks to the sensors on them. The purpose of the board is designed to enable making projects wirelessly. This set is designed for students, children, teachers, and enthusiasts to develop programming, engineering, and robotics skills.




Features of PicoBricks:

PicoBricks offers various features to provide students with an interactive learning experience. Here are some key features:


-Teacher Book: PicoBricks provides a teacher book that serves as a comprehensive resource for educators to teach electronic programming. It offers essential information and lesson plans for teachers.

-Activities: PicoBricks provides a variety of activities available on its GitHub and blog pages. These activities allow students to practice their skills by providing step-by-step instructions for working with electronic components and programming.

-E-Book: PicoBricks offers an e-book accessible on its website. This e-book provides students with the foundational knowledge to get started with electronic programming.

-Community Support: PicoBricks has a community page that serves as a platform for educators and students to share experiences, ask questions, and provide support to each other.


PicoBricks is easy to take with you thanks to its small size and cloth carrying case. The lack of tangled cables makes it easy to use anywhere. Since PicoBricks do not require complex wiring or soldering for simple projects, you don't have to carry anything other than PicoBricks. If you have doubts that this child-friendly product takes up a lot of space in your children's backpacks, you don't need to worry at all. The size of PicoBricks is smaller than a textbook. 




PicoBricks Modules Are Detachable

Once you've explored the Pico Bricks modules, you may want to use some of them in a project. Although Pico Bricks is compact, there's no need to build the entire thing into your project. By detaching the PicoBricks modules, you can connect just the modules you need using cables with standard, easy-to-use Grove connectors. After dividing the Pico Bricks into modules, you can easily reassemble them again on the specially designed base plate.





Pico Bricks is for everyone interested in electronics and coding. Beginners with no prior experience will find it easy to get started thanks to the modular hardware design, Scratch-like block coding environment, and simulator. Those with experience can dig more deeply into electronics or explore coding in Python. And even the most expert makers will appreciate how quickly they can explore ideas and create prototypes with Pico Bricks. There are 3 different sets of PicoBricks. These include the base, IoT Expert, and Zero to Hero kits, ranging from basic to comprehensive.





 There are no limits to what you can do with PicoBricks. To get started and get some inspiration, take a look at the 25 projects we have prepared for you. 




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