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What Can Be Done with Raspberry Pi Pico?

by Robotistan Shopify 09 Aug 2023

We took a look at Raspberry Pi and its models in the previous 2 blogs. In this blog, I aim to focus on projects made using any Raspberry Pi models and discuss their difficulties. As we mentioned before, numerous projects can be accomplished using Raspberry Pi development boards. These projects require knowledge of embedded systems. Of course, the difficulty may vary from project to project, but knowing the basics will be a life-save. Let’s look at some projects in detail to understand the challenges in the background.


1- Digital Thermometer

As the name suggests, a digital thermometer is a measuring instrument that uses electronic methods to measure temperature. Although it has various uses, such as measuring body temperature, in this project, it is designed for measuring room temperature. The maker used Raspberry Pi 4 in this project, but you can also use Raspberry Pi Pico. I am not going to discuss the entire project; my main focus is on the hardware design. The equipment used in this project includes the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, Raspberry Pi, potentiometer, and a 16x2 LCD display. If you're asking, there are only 4 items. How much space can they take? Let me show you how much it takes:


 There are 19 jumper cables on this circuit. That's a substantial number of cables, isn't it? You may handle it if you have a background. However, this complexity does raise the question of whether it is doable for children or beginners. That’s all for this project if you want to check the project, you can click here. Let’s move to another project.


2- Raspberry Pi Park Sensor

In simple terms, a parking sensor is a distance sensor designed to detect obstacles around the vehicle during parking and alert the driver inside the vehicle. Data from a sensor continuously monitoring the distance is evaluated. Depending on the range of distance, a buzzer and/or LED becomes active. Thanks to this, a driver knows how much distance is left. The equipment used for this project includes 3 LEDs in different colors, HC-SR04, and a Raspberry Pi board. Apart from these 3 items, you also have to deal with 11 jumper cables and 5 resistors. While the maker of this project preferred to use 10K ohm resistors for HC-SR04, 330-ohm resistors are used for the positive leg of the LEDs in this project. If you don't know how to overcome circuit designing challenges and want to create projects like this, don't worry; there is exciting news for you in the next blog!


 This circuit is another example of complex circuits that have been examined in this blog. Let’s look at the last project of this blog.


3- RFID Project

The abbreviation stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which means identification with radio frequency. RFID technology is used for recognizing objects using radio waves. In our daily lives, we frequently encounter it in applications such as public transportation tickets, and turnstiles at workplaces and schools. When we examine RFID projects with Arduino, you can often come across projects like door locks, obtaining the number of people in a room, alarm systems, and more.


 The equipment used for this project includes an RFID kit, an LCD screen, a potentiometer, and a Raspberry Pi board. Additionally, 10 jumper cables have been used to complete this circuit. You can check here for further information about this project.

We had a look at 3 different projects made using Raspberry Pi models (Pico can also be used for them). I think we agree that even though we use a small number of materials, there are situations where we need to use many jumper cables. These cables may cause complexity for children and new beginners. So how can we make these projects easier by dealing with fewer cables? That will be the subject of the upcoming blog. That’s all for this blog. Thank you for your valuable time.



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