Create a robot with 8 main
functions with a single board.

With 1 main board, 2 different main bodies, 3 different wheels, 3 sensors, 1 robot arm that can enter 3 different forms and 8 motors in the REX 8in1 box, you can make robots in hundreds of different combinations as well as 8 main function robots.

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Powerful Special Card Design

REX 8in1 robot kit gets its power from its specially designed main board. There are 4 servo, 4 DC motor connections, buzzer, internal battery charging circuit, Bluetooth, wifi, balance sensor on the board for unlimited possibilities and robot designs.

Suitable for all ages and all levels.

REX 8in1 is designed for easy use at all levels and ages. It is very simple to use with detailed user manuals and block coding feature.

Remote control with WIFI and Bluetooth connection

Robot arm, crane and forklift. 3 different robot arm attachments for handling different items

Unique 3 different wheel configurations that can be changed for every surface and task

Get ready for war!

Grab a friend and start fighting. Make the best coding, choose your favorite wheel and get the best control. Victory is yours!

Learn robotic coding and have fun at the same time

Coding is now easy and fun. REX 8in1 Robot Kit supports text-based and block-based coding. If you wish, you can use the ready-made codes provided with the set content and customize these codes according to your own needs. Or you can write code from scratch and unleash your unlimited creativity.



ArmBot is a REX robot that allows the objects around it to be moved from one point to another point by remote control thanks to its robot arm. The robot arm on ArmBot consists of 3 servo motors. ArmBot, which can move in 4 different axes, up, down, right and left, can easily reach even objects in hard-to-reach areas with its movement.


BalanceBot is a special robot that can remain balanced despite physical interventions thanks to the acceleration sensor on the REX board. You can use BalanceBot in situations where you need to carry objects in balance.


OmniBot provides easy access to every point without any turning movement thanks to its special omni wheels. By using OmniBot, you can reach hard-to-reach points very easily. This robot is designed to reach hard-to-reach points.


RoverBot is a REX robot that allows you to move comfortably in difficult terrain conditions thanks to its tracked structure. Like other REX 8in1 robots, you can control RoverBot remotely if you want, or you can make it move autonomously with special coding.


SonicBot detects objects by emitting sound waves around it thanks to the distance sensor on it and can perform different functions by using its mechanical properties according to the values it detects. You can avoid obstacles by using SonicBot. You can use SonicBot for tasks that require you to detect objects in the environment.


SumoBot detects other objects on the track thanks to the HC-SR04 distance sensor and the line tracking sensor. Thanks to the line tracking sensor, SumoBot detects whether objects are on the track and thus moves them off the track.


TrackerBot emits infrared lights thanks to the line tracking sensor and follows the black lines in the environment. By using the mechanical features of TrackerBot on the path we have created with lines, we can make it perform the tasks we want autonomously. We can also change the colour TrackerBot follows by modifying the code.


WiBot is a REX 8in1 robot that does not include any extra sensors for autonomous driving and only allows remote control. You can easily control WiBot with a smartphone.

Technical specifications

Main controlREX Main Board
Processor ESP32 WROOM-32E
Motors4X DC motor, 4X servo motor
SensorUltrasonic distance sensor, balance sensor, line tracking sensor
Wheels4X plastic wheel, 4X omni wheel, 2X track link set 
Coding language Arduino, MicroPython, Block Coding
Battery2X 18650 + External 7-12V power input
Battery capacity2400 mAh (Upgradeable)
ConnectionWIFI, Bluetooth, Micro USB

Package contents

4X MG90S Servo Motor
4X 6V 250 RPM DC Motor
1X HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
1X REX Main Board
1X Line Tracking Module
2X 4 Pin Female Connector
1X Female JST connector
1X Micro USB Cable
2X 18650 Battery
82X Plastic Screw
12X Metal Screw
45X Spacer
4X Plastic Wheel
4X Omni Wheel
2X Track Link Set
48X Nut
Plexi Parts

REX8 is coming soon!