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#3-How to Set Up the Network Settings of Raspberry Pi?

by Robotistan Shopify 26 Apr 2023

How to Set Up the Network Settings of Raspberry Pi?

Hello friends, in this article, I will show you how you can connect your Raspberry Pi to a network. 

How to make a wired connection to a Raspberry Pi?


 A wired connection is the easiest way to connect Raspberry Pi to a network. The connection is automatically established when you connect one side of your cable to your modem or router and the other to your Raspberry Pi.


How to Give a Static (Fixed) IP?


If you want to use a static IP address in a wired connection, open the file by entering the command:  sudo nano/ etc/network/interfaces


Change the “iface eth0 inet manual line” to

iface eth0 inet static






In the address section, enter the IP address you want to assign. For the gateway, assign the IP address of your modem or router. In the network section, enter the first three digits of your IP address and add “0” at the end (4 digits total). For the broadcast section, enter the first three digits of your IP address as you do in the network section. However, we will write “255” at the end instead of “0” this time.

After making changes, you can save them by pressing CTRL+O and exit the nano program by pressing CTRL+X. You can follow the steps below for static IP settings from the graphical interface.

By Right clicking on the network icon in the upper right corner,

select “Wireless & Wired Network Settings.”


Select “eth0” from the right selection box to select the wired network.



For a wireless connection, all the necessary software comes pre-installed in the latest version of Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS). All you need is a Raspberry Pi compatible with USB Wi-Fi Adapter. The list of USB Wi-Fi adapters that work with Raspberry Pi is here. Driver installation may be required for some adapters. On our website, the adapters for Wi-Fi work without any issues, and no driver installation is needed.


In the Raspberry Pi 4 model, the built-in wireless network feature or the Wi-Fi adapter that we connect via USB can be used with the following steps:

Network Symbol

Once you enter the password for your wireless network from the desktop, it will be sufficient. Your Raspberry Pi will stay connected to the selected network as long as the adapter of Wi-Fi is connected. 


Keep Learning More about Raspberry Pi 


Raspberry Pi is a platform with many advantages and is admired by other developers. With the support and convenience of electronic projects, computer science, and robotics studies,

Raspberry Pi makes learning enjoyable, and this module is developing day by day. Don’t you also want to improve further? We take you on a journey with Raspberry Pi to enhance your Linux knowledge, dive into the electronics world, and carry out fun projects. Keep following the

Raspberry Pi training series that has been prepared for you.



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